Thursday 5 May 2011

Deutscher Urlaub

So we travel to Köln by way of a weekend break.
“Have you come to flee the royal wedding?” asks the hotel receptionist. “You have it right”, I say, “All 6 of us”. [This exchange conducted in German.]
So we saw Köln cathedral, the Ludwig Gallery, the Rhine, u.s.w., but the highlights had to be:
  • The Düsseldorf Nord-Friedhof, featuring the grave of Rosemarie Nittribit (now complete with head). Splendidly understated WW1 and WW2 sections, and a memorial mason’s supermarket. And an apiary.
    Some pictures exist.
  • The Marine Olberman stores on Bayenstrasse: so good we had to visit it twice, on both occasions getting a frosty reception from the staff who spoke so much German it was clear that they knew we weren’t taking them seriously.
    Some pictures exist, and we bought things which I will display on request.
  • The Lego shop. Oh wow, if Lego were edible, would this place make you fat. Just had to be satisfied with Woodie and the Rabbit/Egg tableau.
    Some pictures exist.
The Kölner cable car, incidentally, travels directly over the spa baths where large middle aged Germans disport themselves nakedly. A picture exists, but I have chosen to share it with precisely one special friend.
Other pictures exist that reconstruct the experience rather well.

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