Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Alphabotley Run

The Otley Run is so well known that I never chose to do it during 32 years in Leeds. It's not actually well-defined; various versions have differing numbers of pubs. This number fluctuates with taste and local knowledge.

But I shall be leaving Leeds, so in Mark's words, "It's gotta be done". Stuff the rules - I discarded the traditional ordering & certainly didn't do them all in one afternoon. Alphabetically seemed the best approach, but a proper drink [at least] seemed important.

It took from March 2nd until May 16th. But it was thorough: I recorded

  • Beverage and cost
  • Date/time
  • Apposite photographs
I also composed useful illustrative comments for others, and assigned descriptive keywords.

These data are readable for your enjoyment.


  1. You passed up a perfect opportunity to waste an afternoon disgracefully. I'd have joined in.

    A Different Mark

  2. Oh don't worry - afternoons are already being spent disgracefully