Saturday 26 October 2013

What a hard time

Whilst exploring Aberystwyth cemetery for further evidence surrounding Crook Frightfulness I happened across three teeth in a row.

They are formulaic: In memory of name son/daughter of William Lloyd and Elizabeth Warrington who died date aged years/months; then followed by a Welsh inscription.

Eleanor LloydApril 14th 188311 months
CharlotteNovember 10th 18891 year and 10 months
William JohnSeptember 26th 18944 years and 3 months

The inscriptions are:

  1. Fel blodeuyn y daw allan, ac y corrir ef ymaith - As the flower blooms, it is cut down
  2. Ewyllys yr Arglwydd a wneler - The Lord's will be done
  3. Flodeuyn a gwympodd - The flower fell

How very sad.