Sunday 25 May 2014

Bea's Graduation

Kevin recently declared he was no longer a student and that we should all help him celebrate, so we duly reported to the Glen. At that gathering we were informed of Bea Stoykova's mock graduation ceremony, at which I was kindly invited to officiate.

It went swimmingly well at her flat on the evening of May 24th; all the better as it was a complete surprise to her. She was awarded a certificate and was garbed in a suitable home-made Aberystwyth gown.

Never one to miss the opportunity to give a speech, I pillaged the web for some graduation speeches from other places, and assembled some pure plagiarism. It was an eye-opener to read some of the utter bollocks that gets spoken on these occasions, even at sensible places. You can read this cannibalised garbage here - it was very well received.

Many congratulations Bea!


  1. Do not miss the outstanding anthem to the Glengower, composed by Pagan Wanderer Lu.
  2. Kevin is runner-up in the World Outdoor Cribbage Competition.
  3. The last time I went to the graduation of someone called Bea, it was all very different.