Thursday 29 November 2012

45 more minutes of Rapid Radio

Rapid Radio is described elsewhere. Earlier I posted a random 45 minutes that I dropped onto a C90 over 20 years ago.

Here's the other side of the tape: this one is from 30th March 1991 (Easter Day!). Around 22.10 you can year the DJ welcome in a local youth: I estimate DC Ranko to be about 12 years old, and he hosts the rest of the session.

Track listing

The DJ's speed and accent, coupled with my incompete knowledge of the genre, make this a little incomplete and unreliable.
Italic indicates uncertainty - corrections welcomed.

Time Title Artist
2.27 Thriller U Back on my feet again
5.44 Freddy McGregor Stop Loving You
9.14 ??? Nothing like this
13.12 Freddy McGregor Loving Pauper
16.09 Richie Davis Jah Army
19.45 Leroy Mafia Can't get enough of your love
23.48 Tenor Fly Defend your words
27.07 Shabba Ranks, Admiral Tibbet, Ninjaman Serious Time
30.17 Red Dragon X amount
33.28 Johnny P By law
36.44 Godspell Golden Rule
39.5 Capelton Magnet
43.14 Panhead International Wok

Thanks to TechnoSauce for technical support.