Sunday 4 April 2021

In search of Plasbâch

The Easter weather being clement, I decide to take the new bike out in search of a fine George V lamp box at Plasbâch. All catalogues of the nation's postboxes report it is somewhere between Llangwyryfon and Llandeiniol but you never know quite where.

Some considerable time with Google Streetview failed to reveal a precise location. In desperation, I turn to the National Library of Scotland's very considerate Internet provision of archive OS maps. On the 1906 series, Plasbâch appears at Lat/Long (52.32367,-4.08583) (or GR SN5795271894 if you prefer), [click to enlarge]

while on the succeeding 1953 series map it has disappeared,
so no surprise that I cannot find it on a 21st century map. Back to Streetview with these co-ordinates and if you have the eyes of a hawk you can just see it tucked into a rather overgrown hedge (go on, have a look for it yourself). Bingo.

On arrival, of Plasbâch there is no sign on the ground whatever: close by is a rather later property. Nevertheless, the box is there and at a very jaunty angle to the horizontal indeed. Someone taking note of HMHB, the hedge has been cut. I can't believe many envelopes get stuck in this fella, so catch it while you can.

Just up the road is a much easier to find George VI
where there is also an impromptu shop

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