Friday, 2 October 2020


(This is all very conceited).

Today is a notable day, as I have recorded a weight loss of 12.7006Kg in the calendar year. This, as any fule kno, is 2 stone.

This has been achieved by

  • Carefully noting my weight each morning. This teaches you quite quickly about how much day-to-day variation you can expect. (This is a tactic recommended to me years ago by Pete Jimack.
  • Noting that the so-called "lockdown" was a good excuse for doing little but drink beer and eat biscuits, and deciding not to.
  • Instead, deciding that Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays would be snack and alcohol free. This is a soft variant on the 5:2 diet but a whole lot less rigorous.
  • Doing at least 30m hard exercise each day. This is best achieved by swimming in the sea or putting a Netflix/iPlayer device about 80cm in front of your nose. The things i've learned in 9 months ...
Here is a graph: the two week-long occasions when I came off the regime and ate/drank like a nutter are quite clear
(The coloured annotations mean things to me but are dull).

it's obvious that, as with everything else under the sun, a linear model of behaviour is correct, suggesting that 1 pound/week is about the score. This means that I will disappear completely in 2024, unless Christmases and Easters intervene.


  1. Bravo! That's how I did it - through swimming in my case - a few years ago. 108.8-89.6kg (19.2) in six months. I still keep the graph up (though weekly) five years on...

  2. I've just started doing similar - weighing daily, and cutting out all snacks. I managed about a quarter of a stone in the first week and now, about three weeks in have reduced by half a stone. I need a digital scale though to be sure. Also, have you tried using statistical process charts - a better way to view time series and spot discrepancies?

    1. A lifetime in maths and AI - yes, I play a lot with the data ;-)