Wednesday, 28 September 2011


From time to time, you realise you are doing something unproductive. If you don’t enjoy it, then you stop, but if you do enjoy it then there follows a phase when you balance the enjoyment extracted against the time (or whatever) is being invested in it. Most good hobbies are in this balance somewhere I suppose.

However, recently I have given up Facebook. This was quite inadvertent – circumstances conspired to keep me away from it for 72h, at which point I remarked “Oi!” to myself, and decided it was possible to live without. Yes. I should note that firstly I retain my Facebook identity & do respond to messages received therein, and secondly the “Oi!” was internalised, so nobody will have heard it.

Now I realise that my Spider Solitaire prowess has reached the maximum – well, the WWW reports I’m doing as well as anyone else can, anyway. This has cost me quite some time in front of the screen. The bloody thing records how many games you play, and I just read this figure with some horror ... I think it’s time to give up.

For the record, I have checked many sites listing good tactics for S-S, and not one of them includes all of my own tricks and wheezes. I dare say their authors were holding back – it’s not really likely that I’ve got anything unique. But you can ask me if you like.

(It’s improbable that I shall cease being actively interested in pillar boxes, bees and the Riemann Hypothesis any time soon).

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