Thursday, 17 March 2011


Peter said "There's an awful lot of Manchester industrial nastiness I have yet to see." Well, a little less now.

Five train journeys, no ticket inspection on four of them: good augury. By foot, Manchester Picadilly to Stalybridge up the Ashton and Huddersfield.

Some highlights:
  1. Byelaw 41. We never encountered 1-40.
  2. Leisure facility - just a sample, there was more. They had drained the pound, which was a headache for the pensioner couple attempting to get a boat in ...
  3. Bicycle rack, working well.
  4. Notice of the day: Pedestrians diverted from A to B, cyclists diverted from A to C.
  5. Communist: Droylsden library is an art deco gem.
  6. Roger Hannah (yada yada).
  7. Chimney up; chimney down. Many chimneys. Many fewer than once.
  8. Be 28.
Foiled on my [second] attempt to visit Ashton Museum ... closed on Mondays. Chip shops used to close on Mondays.

More footage available, including pictures of heritage.

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